Hops Plant Support

Hops are the most important plant used for beer brewing. It is responsible for keeping the beer fresh, retaining its flavor and aroma, and making them last longer. The challenge for having hops in your beer garden is its growing procedures. 

They are known to be fast growers, wherein they can grow at a maximum rate of 12 inches in a day or 30 feet in a year. Aside from that, it can weigh up to 25 pounds. Some parts of the hops also can be used for other uses like detergents or condiments. 

In growing hops, you need plant supports. Here are a few ideas you can apply:

  • Flagpole support – utilizes an existing flag pole as a trellis 
  • Clothesline support – utilizes clothesline for growing horizontally 
  • House eave support – using existing eaves as main support for the trellis system 
  • Arbor support – using a post as trellis which you can stylize 

Hops are vine-like plants and they can grow depending on the height of their trellis. These trellis ideas presented need to have horizontal or diagonal cables for stabilization. Although there is no clear answer for which idea is the best, it will largely depend on what you can build in your

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