Best Rose Winemaking Kits

You can make wine in the comfort of your home. Whatever type it is, you can make something you can either enjoy or make money out of it. If you prefer to be fancier, you can choose to make rosé wine. 

Rosé wine is created from different red wines. Its fermentation process starts from extracting the juice and some of the tannins and colors. If you are intrigued by making rosé wine, it will be better to invest in winemaking kits. Here are the best rosé winemaking kits in the market today. 

1. En Primeur Winery Series – Chilean Pinot Noir Rosé

This kit is considered the best for making rosé wine at home. It is filled with strawberry jam flavors and aromas, matched by raspberries, floral notes, and rhubarb. Included also are yeast, additives, and wine juice. It can yield a maximum of 30 bottles. 

2. Cru International French Rosé Winemaking Kit

On the not-so-distant 2nd place, this product aims to stay as traditional French as possible and the taste is loaded with citrus fruits and strawberry. You can yield at least 23 liters of rosé wine.

3. Orchard Breezin’ Rockin’ Raspberry Rose Kit

Sharing the 2nd place spot, this product leans on a lighter rosé wine with lower alcohol content. The kit is more of a cooler-type of wine rather than being traditional due to being very fruity and having only 7 percent alcohol. 

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