The Benefits of Alcohol-free Beer

As alcohol-free beers continue to grow in popularity, an increasing number of people are discovering the benefits of drinking them. Unlike regular beer, alcohol-free beer contains zero grams of alcohol, meaning that it is healthier for you and won’t impair your ability to drive or operate machinery. Additionally, alcohol-free beer is a great way to […]

How to Pack a Cooler Strategically With Beer and Food

The best way to keep your beer and food cold in a cooler or solar-powered fridge on a hot summer day is by pre-chilling your cooler, using block ice packs/ice blocks, and packing the cooler strategically. Taking out spoilt salads or warm homemade beer from your cooler can ruin your summer outing. Making your drink […]

What Should Students Know About Alcohol Abuse?

Abusing alcohol is now rampant among students. Let’s consider the amount of effort that parents and schools put into enlightening the upcoming generation to avoid alcohol. While parents educate their children about the danger of drinking alcohol in family discussions, teachers use modern classroom technology to get their students’ attention when talking about this serious […]