Best Beer Brewing Kit

If you want to start brewing beer at home, you need the best kit there is. After numerous hours of research, a couple of field trips, and an examination of the elite beer brewing kits in the market, we can conclude that the best kit suited for first-timers is Northern Brewer’sBrew Share Enjoy Homebrew’ Starter Kit.

What makes this kit apart from others is the balance among significant aspects: price, quality of instructions, availability, and the number of essential tools included.

This product has all the things you need to start brewing, including a 5-gallon kettle and a stirring spoon measuring 21 inches.

Aside from the tools, the brewing instructional guidelines are laminated for that easy reading and prevention of getting mixed into the mess.

Although brewing has so many variables to consider for it to be successful including the brewer’s skill and knowledge, the kit offers the ‘amber ale’ recipe, which is one of the safest choices for any beginner to try.

Not distant to the first place, ‘Midwest Supplies Platinum Pro Beer Brewing’ Starter Kit also manages to amaze us. It also has all the right tools necessary for beer brewing.

The main difference is that this product uses a racking cane as a manual siphon, which is in contrast to the Brew Share Enjoy’s auto-siphon.

There are other beer brewing starter kits that are also great and mostly made by Midwest Supplies such as ‘Beer, Simply Beer, Starter Beer Brewing Kit’ and ‘Micro Bru’. A single company owns both Midwest Supplies and Northern Brewer.