Garden Brewers No Matter Small Digs

One of the important considerations in home beer brewing is the garden area. Of course, it is very convenient to have an area for farming but there’s a bit of encouragement to pursue beer brewing even in a small apartment.

Growing Hops

Hops are fast-growing plants. To contain them, you need to design an adjustable trellis with a large container for the soil. The soil needs to be well-drained and mostly, have them situated wherein the location has the most exposure to sunlight. 

Growing Berries

To make good quality wort, you need plenty of berries. But if you prefer to grow them yourself, choose either strawberries or blueberries. They can grow well in a container.

Growing Peppers

If you want to experiment with your beer’s flavor and aroma, it will be advantageous if you have numerous varieties of herbs and spices. If you want to narrow down your choices, choose plants that are appropriate to your beer taste. One plant that can be easily grown even indoors is pepper. 

Making Use Of Malt Extract Containers

To recycle malt extract containers, you can use them as plant containers. Just pop some holes for drainage. 

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