Brew Beer At Home

Beer brewing at home has been practice for decades dating back to the 1960s. No matter how much technology has advanced, the basics remain the same. With so many different processes done and experimented with and so many awards as validation, we have come up with a proven and tested approach for beginners. 

Beer is essentially composed of 4 ingredients: malt, yeast, hops, and water. To process these raw ingredients into the finished beer, there are 2 main methods: “all-grain brewing”, which is soaking squashed malted grain into the hot water to extract the sugar; and “extract brewing”, which is to dissolve the powdered or melted malt sugar into the hot water. The former is more flexible while the latter is quicker to implement.

If you are planning to make beer brewing a hobby, all-grain brewing is recommendable to apply. Aside from being flexible, it is proven to be more affordable in the long run. Here are the general steps for the said brewing method:

  • Step 1 = Turn grain into a liquid using a much simpler form: brew-in-a-bag. 
  • Step 2 = Fermentation at a right temperature.
  • Step 3 = Putting into the bottle.

After each brewing session, the most crucial procedure will be sanitation. 

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