Composting Wine And Beer

If you are into gardening, then composting is not new to you. Composting is a process of creating a pit wherein your biodegradable wastes will be put inside to encourage decomposition as a whole heap. The challenge of composting is the amount of time the process lasts but little do people know that beer and wine can work excellently in composting. 

The compost heap is comprised of organic materials with microorganisms responsible for breaking them down as much as possible. To attain success, you need water and air to spread the microbes and hasten the decomposition process. Beer and wine can be great alternatives for the hastening process.

If you have frequent parties at home, leftover beers and wine are expected. Even residues during the home brewing process can be utilized. Use them as compost activators and even substitute for water. There is a recipe on how to use beer and wine for jumpstarting the decomposition process due to the abundant presence of nitrogen and yeast.  

Too much liquid can block the air passage for the microorganisms. However, if you estimate to have plenty of beer and wine, you can share them with another fellow gardener. 

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