12 Belgian Style Tripel Homebrew Recipes 200

A tripel is known to be a Belgian-style beer. Mostly, tripels have a wide variety of yeast-derived aromas. The typical range of tripel’s ABV is between 8 to 10 percent. They can taste like a mixture of pale, spicy, and strongly bitter. 

The 3 ingredients that provide the tripel its signature flavor are: “Pilsner malt”, the primary grain; “Candy sugar”, a consistent ingredient responsible for fast fermentation; and “Belgian yeast character”, which is used for flexibility and creativity purposes.  You can produce your own using your home beer brewing kits. Here are 12 recipes that you can perform. 

Goedt Bier ca. 1679-1689

ABV: 8.8 % by volume; IBU: 35; SRM: 5

Trappist Tripel

ABV: 9.5% by volume; IBU: 35; SRM: 5

THC-Infused Tripel Royal Stag

ABV: 8.6% by volume; IBU: 33; SRM: 6.5

Triple Down Belgian Tripel

ABV: 8.20%; IBU: 36; SRM: 5

River Horse Brewing Company Tripel Horse

ABV: 10%; IBU: 18; SRM: 5

Corn Tripel

ABV: 9.50%; IBU: 26; SRM: 4

Joe’s Tripel

ABV: 9.20%; IBU: 26; SRM: 6.8


ABV: 9.20%; IBU: 26.1; SRM: 6.8

Black is Back

ABV: 8.40%; IBU: 27; SRM: 30+

Coppertail Brewing Co. Unholy Trippel

ABV: 9.50%

Beast Mauler Tripel

ABV: 8.14%; SRM: 8

Tridevils Tripel T’s

ABV: 9.58%; SRM: 6

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