Growing Beer Garden Plants

A beer garden means that the ingredients needed to produce beer are being homegrown. The knowledge for which plants are necessary to grow is very important.  The more plants and variety you have, the more ideas you can create for a signature brew. Here are some tips for growing a beer garden.

1. Select the right hops

Hops are the most important plant used in beer brewing. They keep the beer fresh and last longer. Basically, without it, it will just taste like molten grain. It is crucial to select what hops are appropriate for your growing area.

2. Experiment on different ingredients

Aside from hops, you can also experiment with different herbs and spices for that additional taste and aroma. Here are some suggested plants you can grow:

  1. For Bittering
    • Sage 
    • Horehound 
    • Milk Thistle 
    • Clary Sage 
    • Yarrow 
  2. For Aroma
    • Chamomile 
    • Bee Balm 
    • Lavender 
    • Elder Flower 
    • Mint 
    • Rosemary 
  3. For Flavoring
    • Borage 
    • Marjoram 
    • Hyssop 
    • Thyme 
    • Lemon Balm 
    • Lemongrass 

3. Be consistent on the growing method

The most beneficial growing method for hops is through stem cuttings or also known as rhizomes. It may be a calculating process but it is proven to be effective given the hops can grow longer very quickly. 

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